Key steps:

  • You provide to us your business plan, company accounts, estimated refundable R&D tax incentive and a completed questionnaire
  • We enter into an R&D Financing Agreement - up to 90% of the estimated refundable R&D tax incentive 


          2 weeks from start to funds drawdown                                                                    

R&D Tax Incentive Financing can be a critical component of your company's balance sheet as you strive to develop technical and scientific solutions to your business model but find capital market constraints limit options.

R&D Tax Incentive Financing:

  • Extends and strengthens your cash runway with no equity dilution
  • Unlocks shareholder value by allowing you to deliver on project milestones or reach other funding sources
  • Is straightforward, timely and cost effective

Growth without sacrificing capital            

An attractive funding solution if:

  • Your near term project milestones are at risk due to limited cash resources
  • You expect a substantial increase in shareholder value once these milestones are achieved
  • You have incurred and will incur R&D expenditure that is eligible for a refundable tax offset under the R&D Tax Incentive

Make your resources go further