Our SaaS financing solution is designed specifically for SaaS businesses to fund revenue growth, allowing them to achieve a higher valuation before the next capital raising or anticipated corporate event.

We do this by providing SaaS businesses with funding linked to their monthly recurring revenue (MRR) (between 2.5x to 5x) over the medium term (18 months to 36 months). 

An attracting funding solution if:

  • you have MRR of at least $200,000
  • an additional investment of at least $1m is required over the next 2 years to achieve your revenue goals
  • you expect an uplift in your valuation from the investment and/or continued revenue growth  

Key Terms

  • Term - 18 to 36 months
  • Funding - 2.5x to 5x MRR, with total borrowed funds increasing as revenue grows
  • Repayment - amortised over loan term with agreed repayment holiday period
  • Loan size - $500,000 to $2m
  • Interest - Funds are drawn down over time, saving interest expense
  • Security - Senior security
  • Strong customer retention rates - net revenue renewals > 90%
  • Sales margin - >80%
  • Monthly maintainable revenue - >$200,000

An attractive growth capital solution to increase valuation
prior to the next equity round or anticipated corporate event